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Riversport Rapids Opening in Oklahoma City
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Looking to get the kids out and about during your move to Oklahoma City? It can be tough on the little ones to grasp a new move. As a parent you also know that they have alot of energy that needs to be realeased. You now have something to look forward to. In the coming months, the Oklahoma City Boatyard District will be opening up a brand new state of the art adventure facility – Riversport Rapids.

But what is the Boatyard District, anyways? It’s where Olympic kayakers and canoeists train, and now families who are using their Oklahoma City moving company to move to town will be able to take advantage of the recent additions to the venue. Now, you do not have to be a professional Olympic athlete in order to use the facilities at the Boathouse District. Riversport Rapids will soon be one of the only aquatic adventure venues that is open to professional athletes and Oklahoma City families.

Once Riversport Rapids opens, you and your family will be able to go whitewater rafting, kayaking down an Olympic style slalom course, paddle board as you ride the waves in the surf pool, and watch the professionals practicing doing flips and twists.

This is a must do when it comes to the kids and they will love it!

Kid Friendly Places in Oklahoma City
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Let All My Sons Oklahoma City finish unpacking all of your belongings while you take your kids out for a little bit of fun in their new hometown. Save your sanity with this guide on how to beat cabin fever and head on over to one of the best kid friendly places in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma Children’s Theater. With eight theater productions throughout the year, theater classes, and camps, this is one of the best places to take your kids in order to get some fresh air. Not only will your kids get rid of any pent up energy, but they will also make tons of new Oklahoma City friends.
Bouncin Craze. Known throughout Oklahoma City for indoor inflatable fun, this is the perfect place to take your kids at any time throughout the year; no matter how bad the weather is outside, Bouncin Craze is still tons of fun inside! Once your Oklahoma City movers finish settling you and your family in, plan on returning here for birthday parties, day care outings, field trips, graduation parties, homeschool groups, school outings, and team parties.
The Science Museum. This is the best place to take your kids in order to beat cabin fever and learn something new at the same time. The hands-on-experiments, planetarium, and the science show will without a doubt have your kids begging to go back as soon as you leave.
Abrakadoodle. Since they have tons of locations throughout the area, you will not have to leave your Oklahoma City moving company alone for long. Head to Abrakadoodle and watch your kids explore their creative side while learning about art at the same time. If your kids don’t want to leave, then simply sign them up for one of the many camps, one day events, and after-school classes offered.
Arctic Edge Ice Arena. Have your kids every gone ice skating? Well, now is the time to! Use you recent move with your Oklahoma City moving company in order to get your kids to try new things. Head on over to Arctic Edge Ice Arena for a free public skate that all ages will enjoy.

Moving During Hard Times
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Whether you are facing a huge life change, a divorce, death or economic crisis, adding the stress of moving can send you tumbling fast. But to not let that discourage you. Oklahoma City’s professional movers are not only here to provide you with the best full service move but they also have a few tips for you if you find yourself moving during an emotionally difficult time in your life.

When faced with an emotional trauma like the passing of a family member, personal belongings tend to provide comfort and security. All My Sons moving company suggests that your keep with you what you need in order to get through the tough time.
Unlike other moving advice All My Sons suggests for the more traditional circumstance, it is best you move everything even if you are unsure you want to keep the certain item or not. When emotions cloud you judgment you may find it hard to make appropriate decisions about whether to move something or not. The last thing you want to do is make a hasty decision and regret having gotten rid of something you wanted to keep. You can always make the decision of tossing an item later when you are ready.

To put more emphasis on a previous statement, do not be rash. Doing things strictly out of rage or sadness will come back around and you do not want to carry to burden of regretting a decision you made under extreme duress. Take a step back, take a deep breath and whatever you do, do not make a decision out of spite.
Even though you will be tempted to trash a present from your ex, it may not economically benefit you when considered rationally. Instead sell it, donate it, or if it is absolutely useless to all toss it.

Always remember that moving to Oklahoma City is a good thing at this point in your life. You are moving into a new life and new home in which you can cleanse yourself of any emotional ties of the past and start over.

How to Choose the Perfect Interior Designer
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When you look at most décor schemes, many of them do not age well over time because they were created with trendy notions and little insight into what future interior design trends might look like. The Oklahoma City movers and packers at All My Sons have some tips to help you choose a great local interior designer after your move.

Defining Your Personality.

All My Sons of Oklahoma City knows that some homeowners like to provide an interior designer with an overall personality profile that will allow the designer to take over and bring a design idea to life. Oklahoma City homeowners need to keep in mind that an interior designer will be re-imagining their home, which makes the experience far more intimate than they may imagine.
You will need to assess your personality and any unique aspects of yourself that you would like reflected in your interior designer as well. You will be working very intimately with your designer and it will be important that you get along and share the same vision.
There are far too many short track courses for interior designers that allow an individual present themselves as a qualified interior design specialist. There is always the exception that there is a person who has a wonderful gift for the art of interior design, but that is generally the exception, not the rule.
You should ensure that your financial design resources are being put to good use by hiring an interior designer who holds the right qualifications, such as a degree in interior design and additional design certifications. Along with their schooling credentials, your interior designer should have a portfolio of previous work that you find aesthetically pleasing.
Local Oklahoma City movers suggest always asking for an established portfolio of the interior designer’s work, so that you can get a sense of their styles and taste. This step will save you from making a very expensive mistake later on.
Establish a Budget.
You should be realistic when it comes to establishing a budget for your interior design project. Do not underestimate the budget and make sure that you have full visibility of your total budget before you start to work with your designer.

Moving to Oklahoma City with Kids
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Moving can be tough on your youngsters. There is so much to do in town, and your Oklahoma City moving and storage service company knows of a few things that your kids will just love!

Take it Outside
- Who doesn’t love the zoo? Especially the Oklahoma City Zoo, which is one that is highly regarded. Child’s Magazine ranked the OKC Zoo as number three in the country for “best zoos for kids,” and it came in among the top five in Microsoft’s “America’s Favorite Zoo” contest. There are tons of top-notch exhibits; like: the Elephant Habitat, Great EscAPE, the Butterfly Garden, and the Children’s Zoo. Kids under three get in free, and tickets are fairly inexpensive for the rest of the family!

- Andy Alligator’s Fun Park is an amusement park located in Norman for kids. It boasts rides, a water park, bumper boats, rock climbing, mini golf, bowling, video games, go-karts, and a slew of other activities. It is a great place for birthday parties, but it is also a great place to take your kids after moving to Oklahoma City. Show them how fun their new town is at Andy Alligator’s!

-Looking to pull out all the stops? Then Tiger Safari it is! The interactive zoological park was voted as a top destination for children in Oklahoma in 2013, and it is no wonder why. These guided or self-guided tours take you through wild habitats, where you will get to get up close and personal with animals you would only see from a distance at the zoo. The Sundowner Safari lets you explore the habitats at night, when many of the animals are active. You can even rent an African Safari Hut for an overnight visit. Depending on how old your kids are, that can be an experience they will never forget!

Oklahoma City Neighborhoods for Families and Singles
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Perhaps the best part about moving to Oklahoma City is the fact that the OKC has a broad variety of excellent neighborhoods to live in. Some neighborhoods may be better for singles and some may be more suitable for families. No matter the case, Oklahoma City movers want to make sure that you are selecting one of the best neighborhoods, suitable for your specific needs, which is why the movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have created a guide to the top Oklahoma City neighborhoods for families and singles.

Plaza District. Plaza District is the perfect neighborhood in the OKC for newlyweds and modern singles. Millennials tend to love the Plaza District and its evolving developments. Over the past 15 years, Plaza District has seen millions of dollars in renovations in order to make the area more attractive for millennials and hip young singles who are looking for a great crowd, nightlife, and cultural scene.
Bricktown. Another great place for young singles and young professionals, Bricktown is a top Oklahoma City neighborhood for singles due to its strong entertainment presence with the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team, as well as numerous things to do.
Deep Deuce. Deep Deuce makes our list of top Oklahoma City neighborhoods for singles who are on more of a budget. With an up-and-coming area that continues to see improvements, Deep Deuce has more of an urban crowd and atmosphere, coupled with a large jazz presence and influence.
Automobile Alley. One of the most popular neighborhoods in all of OKC, Automobile Alley is a hot spot for young professionals and millennials who are looking for a rich nightlife, great food, great bars, and great parties. Every month, the neighborhood hosts the Auto Alley Shop Hop – a huge neighborhood party. Automobile Alley is the absolute best neighborhood in Oklahoma City to move to if you are looking to make friends and meet other young professionals.

Kick the Car Habit and Walk in Oklahoma City
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According to an article by Anna Leach of The Guardian, “The walkability of cities can significantly affect the health – physical and mental – of its citizens. A brisk 20-minute walk a day reduces risk of premature death. One UK doctor who started organizing walks for patients with chronic health problems recorded that 29% were able to give up antidepressants and 92.5% said their mood had improved. LSE research found that people who walked regularly were likely to weigh less than those who go to the gym.”

This is why Oklahoma City has been focusing the most on pedestrians and state/city improvements. Oklahoma City movers can tell you that many people who are looking to move, are moving to areas that are more health conscious and have more healthy initiatives set in place for their residents. As a result, the state of Oklahoma and especially the city of Oklahoma City have taken measures to make walkability in the area a priority, because it is also a cheap and easy policy to pass, construct, and implement.

If your looking for a healthy change, look into moving to Oklahoma City and kick the car habit. Walk around and enjoy the city with your new neighbors! 

Moving Terms You Should Know
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In order for you to have the most pleasant moving experience possible, and for a move that was a smart decision on your behalf, the movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage Oklahoma City have detailed a list of the most common moving terminology and charges so that you are knowledgeable about the moving process.

1. Long Haul Move – A long haul move can also be called an intrastate move or simply a long-distance move. This sort of move would require your Oklahoma movers to travel and transport your belongings more than roughly 400 miles. In this case, do not be alarmed if your movers charge you by price per pound for the weight of the moving truck with all of your belongings loaded in it, as well as a price per mile for fuel, otherwise known as a fuel charge.
2. Short Haul Move – This can also be referred to as an interstate move or local move, and means that you are moving within the state and under 300 miles. If you are moving within the state and under a certain amount of miles, it is okay to hire a strictly local Oklahoma City mover rather than one that handles intrastate moves. A local mover is more likely to charge you simply per hour and price per mile for fuel.
3. Tariff – A tariff is the document that outlines the price per pound of your shipment and overall total costs in detail. Your moving tariff should outline all charges, and is also known as a Bill of Lading. The tariff will also outline legal implications; such as: company policy, fine print of the bill of lading, and service order.
4. FMCSA – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is where you can find whether or not your Oklahoma mover is registered to handle your intrastate (long haul) move. You should check to see if the mover has a USDOT number listed on their website (they should) so that you can look it up on the FMCSA website.

Help Wanted in Oklahoma City Workforce
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According to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, computer and mathematical science jobs in Oklahoma are projected to grow by 13 percent from 2012 to 2022, which is great news for those who are looking to move to Oklahoma City and specialize in those fields.

A news article in The Oklahoman explained how local startup Tailwind is growing rapidly and hiring tech talent in Oklahoma City. Tailwind is a Pinterest analytics company and has an office in New York City and more recently, Seattle. OKLAHOMA CITY MOVERS were happy to hear that employment opportunities for the tech-savvy are expected to continue to increase over the next 10 years.

Computer developers in Oklahoma City have also mentioned how important it is to get children interested in the tech world. Oklahoma City movers suggests that if you have children in middle school, high school, or entering college, that you look into enrolling them in computer science classes that are critical to the growing workforce.

If you are moving to Oklahoma City and are interested in learning computer coding, Tailwind has helped sponsor OK Coders, the state’s first software development boot camp. The program is 10 weeks long and is designed for all experience levels. After you complete the course, take a shot at applying to an OKC computer tech and software company.

Growing the Perfect Oklahoma Garden
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Oklahoma City movers say that the first step in starting any garden is choosing the optimal site to prepare your garden. Selecting and preparing the garden’s site is an important key to have a successful garden. You will first need to consider an area that has the right amount of exposure to sunlight with fertile soil and is well drained. You will also want to choose an area that is close to a water source and away from other plant like shrubs and trees that will compete with your garden for light, nutrients, and water.

After choosing the best area, you will need to plan what kind of plants you want to grow in your garden.  Pick a palette, you can choose a color palette for your garden for each season. Some plants to keep in mind that grow well in Oklahoma gardens are sunflower, lilies, peonies, and many different species of ferns. If you prefer to grow vegetables in your garden, broccoli, lettuce, asparagus, peas, onions, pumpkin, and squash are some great garden vegetables that thrive well in Oklahoma climates, you will just need to locate a chart that explains the best time of year to plant certain crops.

Once you have prepared the garden site and have selected your plants, Oklahoma City movers offer some gardening tips when it comes time to plant your crops. The following tips can help prevent some common garden problems.
-Sample the soil a few times a year
-Apply fertilizer in proper manner and doses
-Use organic compost
-Use mulches to keep soil moist, control weeds, and reduce fruit rot.
-Avoid walking and working in wet soil
-Keep involved in the garden to make sure it is on the right course and avoid potential problems
-Try to keep the garden free of weeds and insects
-Keep your tools clean


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